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Types of Indian Curry

Types of Indian Curry List

There are several different types of Indian curry which many of us are already familiar with. However, for those looking for a recap or for all those curry beginners out there we’ve written a quick overview of the most popular types of Indian curry.

1. Korma

Indian Korma Image

Korma is a very popular Indian curry dish combining the cooling qualities of yoghurt with spices. For the most part an everyday curry, Korma cis made with meat or vegetables. Spices, coupled with braised meat, help create a thick glaze, tempting the taste buds with its creamy consistency and flavour.

2. Vindaloo

Indian Vindaloo Image

This famous hot curry is made with cardamon, black pepper and hot chillies (hence the hotness). Originating in the Goa region, Vindaloo includes vinegar, sugar, ginger and a good deal of spices to create this hot, scintallating curry which is very popular with heat-seekers.

3. Rogan Josh

indian rogan josh image - The Radhuni - Edinburgh

Rogan Josh, like Korma is made with an abundant helping of yoghurt. Generally, it is a lamb dish cooked with chilies, cinnamon, coriander and cardamon. Emanating from Kashmir. It is one of the most popular types of Indian curry.

4. Tikka Masala

indian tikka masala image - The Radhuni - Edinburgh

Roasted on a spit, Tikka Masala is another highly popular Indian dish made with tomato, paprika and garlic. Rich spices, together with marinated chicken, Tikka Masala has an orange colour and contains coconut.

5. Madras

Indian Madras Image

Madras is one of the most popular Indian dishes, made with a good helping of chillies, fenugreek and especially tomato. Therefore a hot curry with a red colour, Madras is a common dish in the UK. Slightly less hot than Vindaloo, Madras incidentally makes extensive use of chilli powder which gives Madras its signature hot effect beloved of many curry connissuers.

6. Saag

Indian Saag Image

Leafy vegetables are the principle ingredient of Saag. This Indian dish, served with roti or naan bread, is rapidly becoming popular with people searching for a healthy dish made with spinach and green leafy vegetables. These fresh ingredients offer a tantalising array of tastes.

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