Lamb Sikandari Recipe by Chef Ashok Ram of The Radhuni

Lamb Sikandari Recipe Here is an exclusive recipe from our Award-winning Chef, Ashok Ram! It is for Lamb Sikandari one of Ashok’s favourite dishes. Slow cooked tender lamb leg marinated with various Indian herbs and spices for 48 hours. Once marinated, it is then roasted in the oven and topped up with a Chickpea Curry. […]

Kurzi Lamb Set Dinner for 4

Lamb Curry We’ve made a special addition to our À La Carte Menu of sumptuous Indian Dishes with a new Set Dinner for 4 people – perfect for that special occasion! Our Kurzi Lamb Curry Set Dinner is one of our special dishes requiring a lot of preparation which is reflected in the amazing mouthwatering flavour. […]

What you order is what you get!

We at The Radhuni debone meat ourselves, so you can be assured that what you order is what comes out on your plate! Our chefs take pride the preparation of our dishes, and we do not buy any pre-cut or ready cooked meats. Quality is the most important factor in our cuisine, so although we […]