Indian Food Recipes

In this roundup post we’re going to take a look at a couple of our own celebrated Indian food recipes by our head chef Ashok Ram. Ashok has created some great recipes just for you. We’ll also highest some great Indian cuisine recipes we’ve found around the internet which may get you in the mood to expand your cookery skills further still.

1. Chicken Hariyala Tikka Recipe

The first recipe by Ashok Ram, head chef at The Radhuni, is Chicken Hariyala Tikka. You can view the full Chicken Hariyali Tikka Recipe here.

Lamb Sikandari Recipe by Chef Ashok Ram of The Radhuni

More top tips from Ashok: National Curry Week – Top tips from Scotland’s Curry Chef of the Year


2. Chicken Curry for Beginners Recipe

We found this easy chicken curry for beginners recipe. Try it out on yourself or a group of friends.


3. Vegan Curry

Want to try out a vegan curry? This video will show you how.


4. Mutton Curry Recipe

This recipe for mutton masala is great for all curry lovers.


5. Kofta Curry Recipe

Another great dish in our list of Indian curry recipes. Try it out today.

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