Indian Food Facts

We’ve prepared a list of 5 Indian food facts for all the curry lovers out there. There are some fascinating discoveries to be made when looking into the history of Indian food.

1. There are three distinct categories of Indian food

The first category is Raajsic which means oily and spicy foods. These dishes are very healthy Indian food. This is said to be the base of movement and energy. Raajsic foods give vitality and encourage get-up-and-go.

The next category is Saatvic which essentially means fresh food. Saatvic foods lead to tranquility and enlightenment.

Finally, Taamsic foods are meat and strong drinks such as wine and spirits. These foods are said to hasten pessimistic thoughts and have a transformative affect on the soul.

2. There are six flavours to Indian food

Salty, sweet, sour, bitter, astringent and, of course, spicy. An Indian meal encompasses all of these flavours blended together into a sumptuous dish. There may be a greater quantity of one or two of the flavours to highlight them and bring them into focus as the heart of the dish.

3. There are tens of thousands of curry houses in the UK

One of the most interesting Indian food facts we have discovered is that there’s literally tens of thousands of Indian restaurants (most of them Bangladeshi) in the UK.

4. Two thirds of the world’s spices originate in India

Saffron, Til, Rai, Pudina and Laung are just some of the vast array of spices used in Indian cuisine. The variety and natural origin of such healthy Indian food is one of the reasons why this cuisine is so popular across the Globe.

5. Indian food is over 5000 years old

Our final Indian food fact is one of the most fascinating. Indian cooking is, in fact over five thousand years old. It dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation who were a Bronze Age people who flourished along the banks of the Indus River. These ancient people farmed the land and herded cattle as well as dometicating barley.

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