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Healthy Indian Food

Healthy Indian food is in abundance which can be observed simply by taking a look at some common ingredients:

Next, we’ll look at these healthy Indian food types and explore a little about why they are so good for us.


The split lentil, called Dal in Indian cuisine is an annual plant that is a staple food in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Lentils are an ancient food, domesticated over ten thousand years ago. Lentils contain carbohydrates, proteins and are a source of fibre.

Although cooking lowers some of the nutrient content of lentils they still contain their protein which stays intact during the heating process.

Healthy fats

Unlike saturated fat and other types of fat (such as trans fat), unsaturated fats contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fats. Healthy Indian food such as Ghee often incorporates fats which can have a curative effect on the body. This is because these fats are anti-inflammatory as opposed to toxic fats which are very bad for our health.


Fish is full of omega-3 fatty acid which is beneficial for our health. It is also rich in calcium and many vitamins and minerals. Many Indian dishes such as the popular fish pakora are very healthy and great for the body.


Like fish meat is an excellent source of protein. Many Indian dishes contain meats such as chicken and lamb which help repair and build body tissues as well as producing antibodies to protect people from infections. Meats also contain nutrients such as iron and zinc.


Like many other types of healthy food, beans are full of protein and help compliment grains which can be an incomplete protein. Beans are an antioxidant, help with heart health and are high in fibre.


Curds are dairy products which often have an acidic element such as lemon juice or vinegar added. This causes the milk proteins to curdle, leaving a product that can be used in many types of cooking and is also eaten on its in in several regions of the world.


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