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About the Indian Meat Products used at The Radhuni

About Meat Products used at The Radhuni

About the Indian Meat Products used at The Radhuni. You may have heard about the recent news from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on “Food Fraud”, “Lamb being substituted by other meat products”.

At The Radhuni, we’re deeply committed to quality and transparency, ensuring that every dish reflects the highest standards. As recent concerns have been raised regarding food fraud, specifically lamb being substituted with other meats, we want to reassure our guests that the meat served is precisely what is ordered.

Sourcing with Integrity

Our suppliers are chosen with great care to guarantee that only the best meat reaches your plate. This stringent sourcing ensures that you can enjoy the authentic flavours of our meat dish with peace of mind, knowing that they are prepared using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whether you order lamb, chicken, beef, or any other meat, it will be precisely what we serve, meeting and often exceeding expectations.

Our Collaboration with the Food Standards Agency (FSA)

We are proud participants in the Food Hygiene Information Scheme, operated in Scotland in partnership with the Food Standards Agency. This ensures that our practices align with rigorous hygiene standards and regulations. Our commitment to food safety and hygiene has earned us an “acceptable” rating, affirming that we adhere to food safety laws.

Authentic Indian Cuisine and a Focus on Quality

The Radhuni offers a range of mouth-watering, carefully prepared Indian dishes made from premium meat and authentic spices. Our chefs take pride in sourcing and crafting each dish with love and expertise. The signature flavours and delicate spice blends create an unforgettable dining experience.

Embracing Customer Trust

We value the trust of our customers and welcome inquiries about our meat products, hygiene practices, or any other food-related matters. Our manager is always ready to answer your questions, ensuring your experience remains exceptional from the moment you step into the restaurant.

Contact The Radhuni

If you have any questions about meat sourcing, food hygiene, or any other aspect of our cuisine, don’t hesitate to reach out at 0131 440 3566. Alternatively, you can speak directly with our manager at the restaurant, or find other ways to connect with us on our website. For other ways to contact is click here.

By prioritising quality, authenticity, and transparency, The Radhuni remains a top choice for lovers of authentic Indian cuisine who want assurance that their dining experience is both delicious and safe.

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